Beautifully Chosen

Every day I awake to a sameness and the unexpected all at the same time.

I wake with the same intentions, the same goals, the same routine, and the same feeling of wondering.

And every day I face the unexpected. The unexpected changes in plans, or the twists and turns that happen throughout the day.

But all of those are externals. They are just what happens to me.

They are not me.

Because every day is also beautifully chosen.

In the midst of the sameness and the unexpected of the external, is the beautifully constant of the internal. The things I choose.

The joy.

The time spent with Him.

The kind gesture.

The love of family and friends.

And I choose to praise Him through all of it.

Every day, in the sameness of good and bad, He is with me. I am never alone.  Every day I get to be His and He always shows up.

He shows up in the joy and in the sadness, in the fun and in the tears. He shows up. Just for me. Which means every day is a good day. A joyful day. Because I choose Him.

Every single day.

And you can, too.

Beautifully Chosen

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