Star of Wonder

Star of wonder…

Star of Night…

Star with royal beauty bright…

The haunting soulfulness. The wanting. The wondering. The mystery of it all.

Wondering why in the world He came for us. Wondering how He could love us that much. Wondering why we are so worth it. Wondering what I am supposed to do for Him here on this earth to make His sacrifice mean something to someone else.

But I know we are supposed to wonder. Because while it all is a mystery – all of it seems to make no sense until the day we are with Him in heaven – we can’t begin to do what He needs from us here until we open ourselves up to imagine it.

To wonder about it.

Because He sneaks our purpose into us in whispers. In the thoughts we have. In the longing in our souls. In those moments when we say,

“I wonder if I can…”

“I wonder if I should…”

“I wonder if it’s possible…”

We have to pay attention to the moments of wonder so we don’t miss the instruction to act.

Sometimes I wonder if I really have the ability to do what He needs of me. What He has called me to do. But I will keep praying, trusting, and believing in the hope that I am fulfilling the mystery a little bit each day.

Believe. My one word for 2019.

How are you doing with your one word for 2019? Have you been praying about what God is wanting you to focus on in 2020?

Love and prayers,



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