As I begin preparing for Thanksgiving, I also focus on all things in life that bring me so much gratitude. Those things that I am grateful for can also make me start feeling a bit solemn. I have always said that the first step to joy is gratitude, and then it hit me … those things that I am grateful for can also leave me feeling solemn. I also realized that you can feel solemn and still have JOY in your heart.

Life has had so many changes since 2010. I have lost my dad and sister and began my journey and call to ministry, mom moved to Florida, I have battled breast cancer, 2 of my children were married, and all three of the kids have families of their own. WHEW!
I was going through some of the photos we have of celebrating past Thanksgiving.  I began smiling as I remembered all the wonderful memories of our family and the cousins so excited to be together.
The Holidays can be hard when we miss our loved ones, but the memories bring so much comfort. I have learned that the best gift and blessing we can give, are memories and traditions that we can pass on to those we love.
“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” Our lives are going to change, that is inevitable. The growth comes when we intentionally create new memories in the new journeys that life brings our way.

These pictures were from Thanksgiving, 2002. The pictures are of mom, dad, Sara and Janette celebrating Thanksgiving and then putting up the Christmas tree together. Mom even found her wedding gown and showed it off that year.

Holidays at the Frankl house just would’t be the same without an intense game of marbles…
…and the cousins getting together for hours of play and being goofy!
As you prepare for and celebrate this Thanksgiving, no matter where you are, remember to create memories, love each other and remember to do it with JOY!
There is so much to be grateful for. Take time to savor those little everyday moments and capture them for forever memories.
Love and blessings to each of you.

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