Blessings Galore!


Thank you all for your many prayers these past couple of weeks. It has been a whirlwind of events, emotions, and planning, along with so many blessings!

The Women of Faith Be the Light Event on September 6 and 7 was wonderful! What a joy to meet new friends, and praise and worship our Lord with each of them.

The greatest part of all, is that there are over 100 women who are ready to shine brighter for Him in a world with so much darkness.

Panel discussion

Then, on September 14th, my daughter Becca was married. Becca is my youngest and the last one to marry. The emotions for me have been all over the place. First, and most importantly, are emotions of joy and gratitude! Answered prayers.


It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day. A day where two became one as God joined them together. Joined them together as a couple as well as a new family.

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My heart is overwhelmed with love, and yet I am fighting tears of an empty feeling. I have been asking myself why I feel so empty when there is so much joy and love? I think the emptiness is because God blessed me with my children and trusted me to bring them up to be Godly men and women. I am so proud of them as they have accepted Christ into their lives and now into their marriages.

I spent 26 years of my life focused on them and their needs. Now, as God has called each of them to their spouse, they must leave their father and mother to become one flesh. I now have a new role in their life.

I am focusing on finding joy in the journey of what this new role looks like. What I do know, is that what hasn’t changed in this new role, is loving them, supporting them, and being their mom.

I’m trusting God with the journey!

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