Choose To Remember



This week, Jill Miller and I focused our Choose Chat on Choose to Remember.

We discussed the importance of not only celebrating Easter and His Resurrection but also remembering all that Jesus went through during Holy Week to prepare. We too need to prepare.

Part of Jesus’ preparation included serving.

He served the disciples by washing their feet…even the feet of Judas who He knew would betray Him. He served the disciples communion at the last supper. Asking them to take and eat the body of Christ, broken for all. He then asked them to take and drink the blood of Christ, shed for all.

Jesus, “being found in appearance as a man humbled himself and became obedient to death — even death on a cross.”

Having the attitude of Jesus might lead to doing things we don’t want to do for the sake of others. Jesus prayed “not my will but Thy will be done” as He faced the cross.

Servants are not self-serving but rather submissive for the sake of the big picture.

Holy Week and Easter Sunday should be treated as days that could fall on any week of the year. I should be ready… in servant mode… so even if the day snuck up on me I would be ready to celebrate His resurrection.

I can be praising, honoring and preparing for that day every day. I can always find ways to serve. That is my focus this Lent, as I maintain awareness for being His hands and feet.

I remember hearing a pastor talk about the story of Jesus’ first miracle when He changed the water into wine at the wedding. The part of the story I never really thought about before is that the guests didn’t know about the miracle, but the SERVANTS did. They trusted this man who told them to fill their jugs with water, and they trusted when they were told to pour the liquid into the waiting cups of the guests.

They trusted Jesus. They served others as they were instructed to do. And they saw the miracle of something plain and bland turning into something colorful and rich. Jesus could have performed the miracle of turning water into wine, but no one would have known if there was no one to serve it to the people.

When we are servants, we see miracles.

When we serve, the miracles are poured out to others.

We are water. We become wine at the moment we serve. We are unqualified, but He qualifies us if we step out in faith.

This man, this son of God who was sacrificed for our sins… who walked the long road with thorns on His head and a cross on His back… this man who humbled Himself to serve with His life as an offering for the sins we had yet to commit…

He did all of that so we could live.

He took the water of our lives and made us wine. He turned us from something bland into something colorful and rich.

And the only way the world will know about it is if we choose to be His servants. If we choose to pour out the miracle of His resurrection to those who are thirsty, waiting with their empty cups.

Choose to remember!



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