It’s not about me.


As I prepare for Easter, I was thinking about the verse in Mark, 8:34…

 “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

I began breaking this verse apart for myself and thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Deny himself…As human beings, we are taught to satisfy our needs. If I want something I should go after it! I need to remember there is a difference between selfishness and selflessness. Meeting my personal needs versus meeting the needs of the greater good.

God is calling me to deny myself. I am not here to satisfy my own needs and desires. I am here to fulfill the purpose He has for me. I am here as a spiritual being living out my human existence.

As a spiritual being, I belong to Him, so instead of fulfilling what I want, I must fulfill what HE wants.

Take up our cross…There are many crosses that I may face and bear in this life, and some are more difficult than others. When Jesus calls me to take up my cross, He is speaking of my daily struggles, but I think the call is even deeper.

For Jesus, the cross leads to His death. I don’t know about you, but I often do everything I can to avoid struggle. I am all about having harmony in my life.

The only way I make it through both the little and big struggles in life is to make sure I am connected to Him, in prayer. He is always the answer to the questions, uncertainty, and confusion that I am facing. I know I must be willing to take up the crosses I am facing and not give up. I must remember, It’s about Him, not me.

Follow me…God calls me to follow His call. The path that He planned for me. It is only when I completely surrender and follow Him that I am free and no longer bound by my human desires that keep me from Him.

I must submit all I am to God and His call for me. It is in this surrender that I find who I am called to be.

“This life is not about me; it’s about who He needs me to be.”



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