Choose Gratitude…It’s good for your health!

Why is expressing gratitude so hard?

Gratitude is a funny thing because many of us know we should express gratitude, but our impulses tend to be what takes over. Impulses like frustration, irritation, impatience, etc. The annoyances that happen in everyday life easily take over our intent to count our blessings.

Therefore, we need to be intentional in expressing gratitude every day…even when the daily annoyances that control our emotions seem bigger than we are. We need to be intentional in making sure we are bigger than our emotions.

We do this by stopping and changing our perspective. In those moments, ask yourself, what are 3 things that you can be grateful for? I promise they are there. They may be small things, but when you focus on them, you will feel yourself shift from feelings of irritation and anger to feelings of peace and joy.

Listen in as Jill and I discuss choosing gratitude for your health!


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