Choose Brave

This week, Jill and I discuss on Choose Chat, the choice to be brave!


It is ironic that this was the topic this week because it was one year ago on October 10th, that I celebrate my last cancer treatment! One year of being cancer free!

For those of you who read and follow the Choose Joy Foundation, you also know that the foundation celebrated Sara’s heavenly birthday a week ago with a beautiful re-branding launch.

I don’t always think of myself as being brave, and yet when I look back on all that has been accomplished with God’s message and Sara’s legacy since she journeyed to Heaven…and all the challenges that life has handed me through the last few years, it did take a choice on my part, to be brave.

There are times when I clearly see God opening doors for me on this Choose Joy Ministry journey. There are also times when the journey seems unclear and foggy. What I do trust and have faith in, is that He will open the right doors and lock the ones that are not part of the journey.

My job is to be brave and walk the journey of those open doors, knowing He is walking right beside me.

Thanks for all your prayers, love and support as we continue God’s message!

Don’t forget to listen in with Jill and I!

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  1. Teresa Colson says:

    Very good. I loved it.

    1. gitznjo says:

      Thanks, Teresa. Have a blessed Christmas.

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