This is Me

I write for a magazine called Positive Note Magazine. Each quarter there is a new topic to write about, and this quarter it was titled “This is me.” I thought I’d share it with you here too!

I am a girl who grew up in a small town in Northwest Iowa, who loved helping my dad on the farm. A girl who was introverted, shy and often unsure of myself. A girl who was responsible, loved helping others, and wanted to live in harmony. A girl who thought I would never leave home.

I am a girl who took a leap of faith and left home to attend college, made lifelong friends and was nominated by peers to be part of the homecoming court. A girl who studied hard to make it through college, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

I am a girl who was married and blessed with two beautiful children, was later divorced and thought my world was falling apart. A girl who believed that God and my family were disappointed in me. A girl who was blessed instead, with family and friends who supported me and reminded me that our Father’s love is unconditional. A girl who later found love again, married and was blessed with a stepdaughter. An introverted girl who learned through my struggles how strong I am with God by my side.

I am a girl who experienced breathtaking shock with a call saying my dad had died. Died from a bee sting while boating and skiing with my mom and his in-laws. A daddy’s girl, he was my support, my everything. A girl who had no idea how to live without my dad. A girl who was reminded by walking through the pain, that only God knows that day or hour, not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. A girl who is now happy for my dad, as he is in ultimate peace with his Father.

I am a girl who a year later lost my beloved baby sister, my best friend, my soulmate. A sister who had struggled for years with disease and yet changed the lives of thousands by sharing her struggles and showing how to choose joy in spite of them. A sister whose relationship with God was stronger than anyone I had ever known. A sister who is the true definition of living a life of surrendering.

I am a girl whose faith only became stronger through the trials and hardships. A girl who made it my goal to continue my sister’s legacy. A girl who kept that legacy alive by walking the path of the publishing industry. A girl who believed and trusted that God would open the doors needed if this was His will. A girl who was blessed to have my sister’s words published in a book titled,Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts.

I am a girl who finds joy in speaking God’s words, using my sister’s legacy as an example of how we can choose joy, even when life hurts.  I am that introverted, shy and uncertain girl who speaks now with passion, certainty, and love, to anyone who seeks inspiration and motivation on how to “choose.”

I am a girl whose world was again shaken in 2017 with a diagnosis of breast cancer. A girl who had to let go of my goals in 2017 and trusted God’s goals. A girl who learned that instead of asking Why me, to ask what can I do, how can I serve? A girl who thought I understood my sister’s words and found an even deeper meaning in them. I am a girl ready to say Yes to God in 2018.

I am a child of God. I am a disciple. I am a survivor. I am blessed. I am loved.


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  1. Valerie Eickholt says:

    Such a GREAT story today. Love you sharing your life Laura- very inspiring!

    Blessings & Peace- Valerie

  2. Rose Weber says:

    Glad I stumbled upon this Laura. Thanks for being not only full of Joy – but Faithful in God’s journey and calling. Blessed to call you friend and family.

    1. gitznjo says:

      Thanks so much! With a grateful heart I call you sister! Love ya.

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to let go and let God. I have never seen this and with tears in my eyes, you never cease to amaze me with your unending words of wisdom. I would have not suspected that you were the girl in the story other than the fact that I have watched you go thru some the toughest of times that you write about. That little girl from Iowa grew into a woman of hard work, dedication, determination, and someone I admire with all my heart, and i am so proud to call you SISTER. LOVE YOU

    1. gitznjo says:

      Thanks, Sis! I love you to pieces and am grateful for you and your family in my life!

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