Day 17 Be Intentional — Say Yes

One thing I have learned the last several years is that when I start asking God “why,” I begin to feel lost, uncertain, and distant from Him.

  • Why did dad lose his life from a bee sting?
  • Why did Sara have to live a life of so much pain?
  • Why did I get cancer?
  • Why….

The question why keeps us stuck, dwelling on the difficulty we are going through. It keeps us in a place of being a victim rather than a place of accountability.

I remember Sara saying that for all she knew, when she was a spirit in heaven before she was born, God showed her the life He had planned for her. She imagined looking at the good, the bad, and how both affected the people around her. She wanted to think that she saw it all and said yes.  Yes, she would take all of the bad with all of the good and serve a purpose.

When she saw it that way,  the question of why things happen was irrelevant. If she said “yes,” it was because God saw a purpose in her life and how it would unfold in a greater plan. What more of a reason do we need than that?

So, instead of asking why, we can be accountable for living the life that God has planned for us if we ask what and how. What needs to be done? How can I contribute?

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the automatic first question that came to my mind was, why? Why is this happening? Why me? Why… I was stuck and feeling like a victim of circumstance. I had to be intentional in asking what God needs me to do? How can I serve? When I asked those questions, I also began seeking His will. I felt more empowered. I had a purpose to fulfill.

I challenge you when you are feeling stuck, or like a victim of circumstance, be intentional in asking what God needs from you? How can you serve?

Be intentional in saying yes to Him.


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