Day 6 Be Intentional — Savor Moments

I love the following quote from Sara…

“I’ve learned to appreciate the simplicity in my moments. I’ve learned that being thankful in everything is more important than being thankful for something. I want to be grateful for everything in my life, not just the special moments.”         ~Sara ‘Gitz” Frankl

Being thankful for everything in my life…

Each day of our life is made up of moments. If there is one thing that I have learned through life’s tragedies and this last year of going through breast cancer, it’s that life can be short, and we need to savor our moments.

Savoring moments takes intention. If we aren’t intentional in savoring our moments, life will pass us by. God puts gifts in front of us every single day… He makes the sun rise in the morning and makes the stars come out in the dark of night. He gives us the beauty of the foliage and the company of the animals.

Be intentional to stop, feel, smell and acknowledge the beautiful gifts that God gives us. I challenge you every day before going to sleep, to write down at least 3 things that you experienced that day that you stopped and savored. Be fully present and see the blessings in your life and don’t miss the moments.

How we choose to look at those moments is a direct reflection of the Joy in our life.

We all have moments when life isn’t showing up how we would like. Whatever we may be struggling with, how we choose to look at the moments ultimately determines how we live our life. Our life is precious. It is a gift from God. Living in gratitude and ultimately surrendering our struggles to God is the foundation to creating moments of joy.

So, instead of focusing on what is going wrong, start focusing on what is going right. I may be struggling with my job, but that job has provided a roof over my head and the ability to provide for my family. I may be struggling with my health, but I am still here on earth and have a purpose to fulfill. I may have lost a family member, but I was blessed to have them in my life for the time I did. I may be frustrated with the line at the grocery store, but I am blessed to have food to put on the table.

Be intentional in savoring your life and its blessings.

And thank our God for the gift of it all.

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