Be Intentional


As I sit here in silence with my own thoughts, feeling tired and with little energy, I am also feeling grateful.  Although this cancer journey has been hard, I am grateful for the times I can leave the busyness of life behind. It has provided me extra opportunities to pray for those I love. It has also provided me the opportunity to sit in silence and intentionally listen and be open to the Holy Spirit.

Seven years ago this week my dad died suddenly from a bee sting. When you lose someone suddenly like that, you never look at life the same. Until you experience the sudden and unexpected loss of someone you love, the words “life is short” or “you never know…” take on a whole new meaning.

Sara wrote in one of her blog posts about how we felt that dad’s death was so random. Dad was a farmer, he had probably been stung many times, but this time it was fatal. Sara also reminded us that although it was random to us, nothing is random to God. God saw the day Dad was born and the day he would die. And the same is true for you and me.

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. {Mt 24:36}

What each of us have in between the day we are born and the day we die, are opportunities to fulfill the wants of God as He lays out opportunities in front of us. These opportunities require us to be intentional.

I often struggled with how to know when God was speaking to me. Is it my own thoughts running through my head, or is it really the words of God? What I learned through the life and death of both dad and Sara, is that the small whispers and passing thoughts that come to us, are messages from God. Our job is to be intentional in carrying through with those messages.

These messages from God tell us how we are supposed to represent Him. How He wants us to respond. How He wants us to spread His message of love during our time here on earth. Since only God knows our final day here on earth, we must live each day intentionally as if it is our last.

As Sara taught us… We’re supposed to wake up today and and intentionally say YES. Yes to the gentle whispers and the passing thoughts that prompt us to act. Say yes to being His disciple. Say yes to being the hands and feet of God.

I encourage you each day to wake up and be intentional…in all things.

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