Oh, the questions.

Not the questions that are easy to answer, but those that we don’t know the answers to…how frustrating they are.

Why did this one bee sting take my dad’s life? He was such a good man, why him?

Why did my sister Sara have to endure so much pain? She was so faithful, why didn’t God cure her?

I prayed for healing, why am I not healed? Why did He choose to not heal me?

These questions not only feel like a heavy rock, be they can be real stumbling blocks on our faith journey if we let them. Our walk of faith is definitely not an easy one.

In my faith journey, the hardships I have endured have helped my faith grow and deepen, but the choice was up to me. Instead of being a victim of circumstance, I chose to turn to God and His word. Each of us have that choice.

In life, we will experience trials of our faith. But during those times we must “count it all joy” (James 1:2). The basis for faith is the Word of God and the proof of our faith comes from living a life of being faithful.

It is during those times when the Why’s enter my mind and my faith feels shaken, that I think of words that my sister Sara wrote about…


Sometimes the trials and burdens in life are too heavy to bear, and it is during those times we need to break the burden down into stepping stones and not allow those stepping stones to become stumbling blocks. The stepping stones will not only lighten our burden, but we will find a path to the peace and joy we are seeking.

The rock of burden I felt when losing my dad…Now when I look back I see the journey more clearly. I think dad was in heaven to meet my sister when she made her journey there. My dad’s death made many of those he touched re-look at their own lives because dad lived his life in a way that brought people closer to God through knowing him.

The rock of burden Sara felt when the disease kept her from the life she dreamed of having. ┬áSara always said that she saw her disease as a blessing, if she could make a difference in even one person’s life. When Sara broke that burden down she saw the journey of God using her as His disciple.

“This life is not about us, our needs, wants and desires. It’s about Him and what He can do through us.” ~Sara Gitz Frankl

We must be open to what God needs from us. When we trust Him to use us for His will, not only will the Why not matter, We will find joy in our journey.

I am choosing to look at this cancer journey the same way. If His plan is to use me as His disciple and help others find joy in their journey by seeking Him, then I will take the burdens I face, break it down into stepping stones and walk the path that He is asking me to take. I may stumble once in a while, but I will get back up and keep walking the path before me.

And I will do it with Joy.





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  1. Janella Frankl Reicks says:

    I love you, Laura Jo.

    1. gitznjo says:

      Love you too, Aunt Janella!

  2. Judy Terwilliger says:

    So beautifully written. I will continue to pray for you. God’s blessings on you!

    1. gitznjo says:

      Thanks, Judy! It means a lot to me. Hope all is well with you and your family. Blessings to you too!

  3. Janella Frankl Reicks says:

    OK, Laura JO! You are halfway through our chemo treatments. I cannot imagine how you feel other than knowing you have to feel wiped out since the chemo wipes out the healthy as well as the unhealthy cells… BUT I can imagine the GREAT LOVE that is flooding your heart and soul as your Creator God, your creator parents, family, extended family and friends all continue to love and pray for you and your sweet and loving Jeff. Be assured of our presence as we kythe with you and hope to empower you with inner strength. I am loving you both around the world and up to the heavens and back! Hang in there!

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