Brave: Endure or face pain without showing fear.

Yesterday was the fourth of the first set of a series of two types of chemo treatments that I had to go through…and I didn’t feel brave. I was afraid.

Tears flowed as they began the IV to inject me once again with a chemo drug that would make the next 10 days almost unbearable at times. And then I remembered, it’s because I am anticipating the next 10 days instead of surrendering them to the one who can carry me through them.

I remembered a quote from my sister, Sara…No moment from my God is a rock of burden, it’s a just rock waiting to be broken apart into stepping stones.

This graphic made by Sara says a lot to me about surrendering. I think there is a fear of surrendering because we are afraid that we won’t be brave enough to give up what we want and say yes to what God is asking of us.

The things we want and desire are things that typically fulfill the needs of our ego. Fulfilling the needs of our ego won’t fulfill us deep inside…it won’t fulfill the needs of our soul. When we only fulfill our needs…the needs of our ego, our self esteem or self importance…our joy and satisfaction will only be temporary and will only last for a moment in time. When we surrender our lives to the wants and desires of God, the joy and satisfaction will last a lifetime.

Surrendering is often times what we do as a last resort, a last effort because we are at a loss of what to do next. Surrendering needs to be the first thing we do. We must surrender to God and be willing to accept whatever He desires for us…even if it is not what we desire for ourselves.

Surrender and let go of the weight that you are feeling on your shoulders. The weight is no longer yours to bear. Pray that God will change your heart to what He wants…because no moment from our God is a rock of burden…it’s a rock waiting to be broken down into stepping stones.

Surrendering calls us to be brave, but God will always be walking ahead of us to guide us, beside us to befriend us, behind us to encourage us and over us to protect us.

Prayer may not change my circumstances, but it can help change me from the inside out. Here is my prayer for this day…

I am grateful for a God we loves me unconditionally, who can take any burden and make it light. I am grateful for a God who will never let me fall.

I am sorry for the times that I forget to trust and surrender to the one who knows all and carries my burdens so I can be brave. I acknowledge that He is in control and His will is what I want for my life. What He needs from me is to trust Him.

I ask the Holy Spirit to come to me and open my mind to His healing power. I ask God to be with me and help be to be brave and accepting of His healing power. I ask for an open mind to seek His word, a humble heart to let go of my human control and give me faithful feet to surrender and trust in Him.

As Sara always said…”This life is not about me and my hopes and desires. It is about Him and what He can do through me.”

Make it a great day, my friends.

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  1. Rachel Lundy says:

    I am praying for you today, Laura. Thank you for sharing how things are going. I am praying for perseverance and bravery for you. I think you are brave and courageous! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are encouraging and helping me. Much love to you, friend. <3

  2. Thanks for your love and encouragement Rachel, including the wonderful cards you send. You are a true blessing! So grateful for you.

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